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  4. 2012-2018 (Aix-Marseille University):
  5. - Introduction to discrete mathematics (L2, Saint-Charles), with Basile Couëtoux, Kolja Knauer and Victor Chepoi.
  6. - Algorithmic (L3, Saint Charles, Luminy),
  7. - Algorithmic of Graphs and Networks (M2R Informatique Fondamentale), with Basile Couëtoux and Yann Vaxès.
  8. - {link af://callcc/Guyslain/Teaching/ProgFonc/index Functional programming} (in {link Ocaml}, L3, Saint-Charles).
  9. - Networks and communications (L3, Luminy), lectures by Édouard Thiel and Benjamin Monmège,
  10. - Functional Programming (M1, Luminy), lectures by Luigi Santocanale,
  11. - {link af://callcc/Guyslain/Teaching/aro Algorithmic and operation research} (M1, Luminy), lectures by Victor Chepoi and Yann Vaxès.

  12. 2010-2011: {link af://guyslain/teaching/comp566-lecture-notes.pdf Discrete Optimization}, {emph McGill University}.

  13. 2007-2010: Software Engineering project, {link {emph Ensimag}}.

  14. 2008-2009: Algorithmic in Ada, {emph Formation continue, INPG}.

  15. 2006-2007: Programming labs in Objective Caml, {emph CPP, INPG}.