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  1. {`frametitle "Some links"}
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  3. {`leftpicture af://guyslain/images/maths/digraph.png}

  4. {image af://guyslain/images/maths/recursively-divisible.png {`right} {`width 450} {`height 450} {`tooltip "A recursively divisible graph of order 10."} Illustration}

  5. {section 2 People.}

  6. {link Patricia Bouyer}, {link Nicolas Markey}, {link Thomas Liebling} have been my supervisors during my master.

  7. {link András Sebő}, my PhD supervisor.

  8. {link Bruce Shepherd}, my postdoc supervisor.

  9. {section 2 Maths and science.}

  10. My favorite scientific blog: {link Philippe Gambette {emph véronise!}}

  11. {link My genealogy.}

  12. {link A fabulous mine} of references on advanced data structures, by Jeff Erickson.

  13. {link The Egerváry Research Group on Combinatorial Optimization}. Short proofs, open problems,… why the Hungarian combinatorists are still the best.

  14. {link Jean-Christophe Filliâtre's softwares and libraries.}

  15. {section 2 Others.}

  16. {link Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park's Lost Heroes}: a documentary from the BBC on the role of Tommy Flowers and William Tutte during World War 2.

  17. {link Eighteen seconds before sunrise.}

  18. {link David Gilmour.}

  19. {link Jack Vance.}

  20. {link XKCD in French!} Thanks to {link Philippe}.

  21. {link My games.}

  22. These website was written using {link Ocsigen}, a web server (and more) based on the OCaml language.